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Srixon Q-Star tour

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While it carries the Q-STAR name, this is a completely new offering for Srixon. Brunski says it’s a Tour-level ball for better golfers with slower swing speeds.

“There’s a lot of golfers out there who fit that description,” says Brunski. “It’s a lower compression core with the same manufacturing process as the Z-STAR – some people say it could be called the Z STAR Soft – but the reality is this ball is designed for those people with a little bit lower club head speed, and who still need that tour caliber greenside spin performance.”

What’s refreshing is that Srixon freely admits the Q-STAR TOUR is not the longest ball in its category.

“The way Srixon golf balls are designed is to really deliver total performance and balanced performance, without compromising any particular aspect of performance. With the Q-STAR TOUR, and really all of our golf balls, we want to make sure we’re offering balanced performance that would help golfers with all aspects of their game.” – Jeff Brunski

What that means is that Srixon is giving you what it says is a ball that gives your Tour-level performance around the green and enough distance off the tee for roughly the same price as your better 2- or 3-piece ionomer-cover distance balls.
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