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Bridgestone Extra Soft Yellow

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Keep your long distances while at the same time getting a great feel from Bridgestone's Extra Soft Yellow Golf Balls. They provide forgiveness from their revamped Extra Soft gradational core. Their softness continues with a great feel from the Extra Soft ionomer cover. Many golf balls on the softer side sacrifice distance for feel, but Bridgestone’s Extra Soft doesn’t.

Drag Reducing Dimples
The ball’s dimples battle drag on calm or windy days from their 330 seamless design that can produce longer and straighter flights. Color Advantage Get a leg up on the competition with the bright yellow coloring coating the ball. The neon yellow allows you to distinctly see the ball in your peripheral vision while tracking it through flight. Features of the Bridgestone Extra Soft Yellow Golf Balls: •Extra Soft gradational core offers forgiveness •Incredible feel that doesn’t reduce distance from the Extra Soft ionomer cover’s design •Balls fly farther and straighter from the 330 seamless dimples that surround the golf ball •Bright, neon, coloring allows you to follow the ball during flight easily
Once the order has been finalized and payment is authorized, the golf balls are ready for shipping within 7 days (3 days for RUSH orders) . We print your logo or personalized balls using our leading-edge precision pad printer and our UV digital printer.
Orders are shipped using Canada Post, UPS or Purolator and should reach the destination in less than 2-6 business days.
Customers assume all responsibility for orders once they leave our office.
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